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"Early detection saves lives, costs and brings better Predictability"

About us

Horus Infrared is founded in early 2019, with the vision to create better world with Infrared Thermography. The idea of Horus Infrared has been started with concept of how to bring thermal technology to our day to day usage. With help of machine learning algorithms and AI gives advice to consumers real time, images taken by thermal camera in different areas of implementation. Sachin Agarkar and Milind Chavan are two founder members of Horus Infrared. The company has been registered as Private Limited with head office in The Netherlands and Development Partners in India.

Our Mission

“Early detection saves lives, costs and brings better Predictability” – Based on this motive, Horus Infrared is developing a complete software eco-system to help Radiologists and Home inspectors. The scannned images automatically analyse the areas of disfunction, processes the abnormalities with help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms. The Dashboard presents correct predictive information to take faster decisions.

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